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HELYX and ELEMENTS Learn by Example CFD Series

Last year was a busy year at ENGYS for webinars, with more than 17 different sessions and even more virtual events (See Table 3 at the bottom of this post). Since most simulation engineers were working remotely, we saw a huge uptick in webinar attendance, especially for our introductory talks on ELEMENTS and some more specialized talks on surface optimization with HELXY adjoint. It was great to see so many users ask questions afterwards; setup one-on-one support sessions to talk in more detail; and start applying their new knowledge to use and leveraged new features. With this in mind, we’ve started a new series of webinars for those that want to learn in more focused sessions. This has prompted the Learn by Example CFD Series which are:

  • Short time commitments that are 20 minute sessions, with introductory theory and practical demonstrations within HELYX and ELEMENTS
  • Focused topics with a standard format to maximize learning in a short period of time
  • Extensions of existing training that is provided on-demand from ENGYS , with test cases added afterwards to our training site to give current customers more test cases to learn on their own

If you’re new to HELYX and ELEMENTS or you’re thinking about moving away from your other CFD software packages, this is a great opportunity to see the GUI in action with little time commitment.

Learn by Example ELEMENTS Sessions

Our vehicle simulation platform built specifically for simplifying, standardizing, and strengthening your CFD simulation capability. The “Learn by Example” series for ELEMENTS is aimed at an introduction to the software, with some of the most common requests for advanced demonstration. There is one session reserved for existing customers only, since we will dive into the templates within ELEMENTS that give users control over meshing, numerics, simulation execution, and post-processing.

ELEMENTS SessionsDate (Thursdays)Registration Link
Vehicle Aerodynamics Simulation May 6, 2021, 10 AM CSTRegister here
Vehicle Tire ModellingMay 20, 2021, 10 AM CSTRegister here
Customizing ELEMENTS Simulation TemplatesJune 3, 2021, 10 AM CSTContact Support to Register
Aero-Thermal SimulationJune 17, 2021, 10 AM CSTRegister here
Simulation Studies with PYTHONJuly 8, 2021, 10 AM CSTRegister here
Table 1: Upcoming Learn By Example CFD Series on ELEMENTS

Learn by Example HELYX Sessions

Our general purpose CFD software (HELYX) is fully capable of meshing, case setup, execution, and post-processing cases for a complete CFD analysis. The “Learn by Example” series for HELYX covers an introductory session and then adds very specific sessions on compilation with CMAKE, new additions to porous media, and powerful multi-region meshing and simulation features.

HELYX SessionsDate (Tuesdays)Registration Link
Incompressible Flow SimulationMay 4, 2021, 10AM CSTRegister here
HELYX-Core Compilation with CMAKEMay 18, 2021, 10 AM CSTRegister here
Porous Media ModellingJune 1, 2021, 10 AM CSTRegister here
Multi-Region MeshingJune 15, 2021, 10 AM CSTRegister here
Introduction to Conjugate Heat Transfer SimulationJune 29, 2021, 10 AM CSTRegister here
Table 2: Upcoming Learn By Example CFD Series on HELYX

Past Webinars

Be sure to look at some of our past webinar recordings (Table 3) for longer presentations and demonstrations.

Previous Webinar TopicLink To Recording
Improving Engineering Design with Topology OptimizationView
CFD Analysis of Vehicle Aerodynamics with ELEMENTSView
Introduction to Meshing with HELYXView
Simulating Conjugate Heat Transfer Multiphysics with HELYXView
Automating CFD Analysis Tasks with PYTHON and HELYXView
Machine Learning for Accelerated Aero-Thermal Design in The Age of ElectromobilityView
Cloud Computing with HELYX and Penguin Computing On-DemandView
Surface Optimization with Continuous AdjointView
Coupling TAITherm with HELYX and ELEMENTS for Affordable High-fidelity UHTM AnalysisView
Simulating Complex Boundary Motion with Generalized Internal Boundaries (GIB)View
Accurate Wheel Modelling With Generalized Moving Reference Frame (GRF)View
HELYX and ELEMENTS v3.3.0 Release HighlightsView
Increase Speed and Stability of CFD Simulations with HELYX CoupledView
Simultaneous Simulation and Post-Processing Within HELYXView
Scalable and Accurate Automotive Simulation with ELEMENTSView
Table 3: List of 2020 webinars

If you’re not a current user, all of the webinars cover some theory/workflow and will be relevant to your learning about how we perform CFD with HELYX and ELEMENTS. If you find that your work can be solved with some of the presented features, it’s worth the times to schedule a discovery meeting to dive into more detail on what you and your team needs.

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