Webinar: Simultaneous Simulation and Post-Processing Within HELYX

October 22, 2020 @ 10:00 AM (CST) 30 minutes


Performing a CFD analysis can be time consuming to setup, perform, and execute.  Adding post-processing to the process can create bottlenecks and huge amounts of data, even if engineers know what the want to investigate a-priori.  With runtime visualization, users can setup post-processing output before the simulation happens and output design relevant images at runtime.  In this webinar, attendees will see how runtime visualization can be setup within HELYX to reduce the overall CFD analysis cycle time and data requirements.  Most importantly, you will see how scenes can be setup within the HELYX View Tab to present a perspective and communicate results more effectively.  Several examples are given, showing the hug potential of the technology through reduced time and disk space.

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