This Cookie Policy refers to Our website, (hereinafter Our Site). Please read this Cookie Policy carefully to ensure that you understand all your rights under Cookie law.

1. Definitions and Interpretation

In this Cookie Policy, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions have the following meanings:

Cookie means a small text file placed on your computer or device by Our Site when you visit certain parts of Our Site and/or when you use certain features of Our Site;
Cookie law means the relevant parts of the relevant parts of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (the UK GDPR);
Personal data means any and all data that relates to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified from that data. In this case, it means personal data that you give to Us via Our Site. This definition shall, where applicable, incorporate the definitions provided in the UK GDPR;
ENGYS/We/Us/Our means (i) ENGYS Ltd., a company registered in England and Wales under 6936178, whose registered address is 1 The Green, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1PL, UK and whose main trading address is Studio 20, Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, John Archer Way, London, SW18 3SX, UK, and (ii) all its subsidiary companies:

2. Cookie Declaration

If you share Our content through social media, for example by liking Us on LinkedIn, following or tweeting about Us on Twitter, or giving Us a ‘+1′ via Google or YouTube, those social networks will record that you have done so and may set a Cookie for this purpose. In some cases, where a page on Our Site includes content from a social network, such as Twitter, Google or YouTube, those services may set a Cookie even where you do not click any buttons. As is the case for all Cookies, We cannot access those set by social networks, just as those social networks cannot access cookies We set ourselves on Our Sites.

3. Changes to This Cookie Policy

The date on which this Cookie Policy was last updated is indicated under Section 2 of this Cookie Policy (Cookie Declaration).

We may change this Cookie Policy from time to time (for example, if Cookie law changes). Any such changes will become binding on you on your first use of Our Sites after the changes have been made. You are therefore advised to check this page from time to time.

In the event of any conflict between the current version of this Cookie Policy and any previous version(s), the provisions current and in effect shall prevail unless it is expressly stated otherwise.

4. Contact Us

You can contact Us if you have any questions or complaints about the use of Cookies on Our Site by email at, by telephone on +44 (0)20 3239 3041, or by post at ENGYS Ltd., Studio 20, Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, John Archer Way, London, SW18 3SX, UK. Please state both your consent ID and date of consent in your communications, as provided under Section 2 of this Cookie Policy (Cookie Declaration).

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