Webinar: Simulating Complex Boundary Motion with Generalized Internal Boundaries (GIB)

August 27, 2020 @ 10:00 AM (CST) 30 minutes


Simulating complex boundary motion can be crucial when evaluating product performance, and in some cases extremely challenging to perform. Rigid body simulations with large transformations render mesh morphing approaches virtually useless due to the need for continuous smoothing and re-meshing to maintain acceptable cell quality and prevent divergence. Ultimately, engineers are forced to alter their simulation strategy to fit within the constraints of the simulation tools. CFD Engineers can simulate rigid body motion with large transformations by leveraging Generalized Internal Boundaries (GIB) within HELYX. This webinar will provide attendees an overview of GIB technology; introduce several application areas; and provide a sense of how to setup cases within HELYX GUI.

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