Learn by Example: Multi-Region Meshing with HELYX

Webinar Recording ~25 minutes​

Main Topic of Discussion

Multi-physics problems often involve multiple regions interconnected by complex interfaces.  These complex interfaces are designed to enhance or deter transfer of heat, mass, or momentum between regions.  These systems pose a meshing challenge and HELYX is capable of generating meshes for multi-region multi-physics problems like conjugate heat transfer simulation. 

As part of our “Learn by Example” Webinar series, this session will provide a practical introduction to multi-region meshing HELYX.  Moreover, you be walked through the basic process meshing these complex domains to make CHT simulation possible.

Who Should Watch?

CFD Engineers who are performing complex conjugate heat transfer simulations with CFD and want to explore the capabilities of HELYX.  

Engineering Managers who are responsible for developing new simulation processes within your company.  This webinar will give you more perspective on how an HELYX compares to other commercial CFD offerings.

Watch The Webinar

Meet Your Presenter:  Lisandro Maders

Lisandro is a Sr. CFD Engineer and manager, holding a BSc. Mechanical Engineer title from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, and further receiving an MsC degree in Transport Phenomena from same University. Lisandro has been working with CFD since 2014, when he first worked at ENGYS through an international Internship programme. Currently, he manages ENGYS Brazil acting in the provision of CFD consulting and support; helping HELYX development by testing and small code developments; and enabling companies in Brazil to elevate their CFD standard to the highest level with open-source technologies.

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