Advanced Simulation of Motorsport Fuel Cell Dynamics

CFD Analysis of Vehicle Aerodynamics with ELEMENTS

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Improving Engineering Design with Topology Optimization

Virtual prototyping using simulation and optimization tools enables faster, leaner, and more cost effective product development cycles within engineering teams. This on-demand webinar discusses how next generation topology optimization methods within HELYX Adjoint enable industry leaders to achieve more. You’ll be

  • Introduced to the continuous adjoint method for fluid systems and how that relates to a CFD calculation.
  • Shown test cases and hear about two practical applications from customers over a gear pump design and a BMW airbox design.
  • Guided through a demonstration of how to setup from meshing, setting up an optimization analysis, and post-processing all within HELYX.

If you are interested to learn more or think this functionality can help you in your design process, contact us and checkout the HELYX Adjoint module on our website.

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  1. […] details of topology optimization were covered in a previous blog post and webinar titled “Improving Engineering Design with Topology Optimization“. Optimization strategies using smaller geometric deformations, the boundaries of the meshed […]