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Simulating Conjugate Heat Transfer Multiphysics With HELYX

January 29, 2020 Comments (3) Views: 5831 ELEMENTS, HELYX, Video, Webinar

Introduction to Meshing with HELYX

Creating a computational mesh is an extremely important step in the overall process of CFD analysis. A “bad” mesh leads to solver instability; poor resolution of important flow features; poor parallel performance of your solver; and in general, inadequate and inefficient use of CFD as a design tool. A “great” mesh enables your CFD solvers to perform well; allows your solver to deliver more accurate results; and helps balance the availability of resources (your time, money, compute, etc.). As CFD Engineers, we must always seek to maximize accuracy of our solutions at a reasonable cost of resources.

In this webinar, we introduce the meshing capability within HELYX to those that may not be familiar with ENGYS and:

  • Discussed some of the what, how, why, and when of meshing to highlight some basics principles of meshing to think about when it comes to CFD. The overall theme is to use a meshing tool that can help you resolve your physics, works well with your CFD software (HELYX in this case), and increase your agility as a CFD engineer. (Begins around 3:35)
  • Discussed the origins of meshing in HELYX, how it’s related to snappyHexMesh, and how HELYX has evolved over a decade. (Begins around 14:19)
  • Performed a comparison of the meshing in HELYX with snappyHexMesh, available in standard OpenFOAM. Overall, the comparison showed better layer coverage and parallel performance can be achieved with HELYX. (Begins around 16:28)
  • Walked through the basic principles of helyxHexMesh (the mesher in HELYX) and how the cut-cell mesher works from a top level description. Overall, helyxHexMesh is a quality driven mesher created to work best with the CFD solvers within HELYX. (Begins around 24:27)
  • Explored HELYX GUI and meshed a multi-region case to showcase how to easily import geometries, add refinements, add layers, and create a multi-region case. (Begins around 35:54)

The mesher (helyxHexMesh) is provided as part of the HELYX and ELEMENTS software at no additional cost to current support customers. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss how to enable Open-Source CFD within your team.

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