Surface Optimization with Continuous Adjoint

Simulating Complex Boundary Motion with Generalized Internal Boundaries (GIB)

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Open-Source CFD Solutions for the Marine Industry

Throughout the marine industry, there are many design and optimization challenges. Many of which can be further understood and solved by leveraging CFD simulation effectively. In a webinar, Paolo Geremia discussed ENGYS’ efforts towards enabling the marine industry to perform complex simulation and analysis tasks with HELYX and HELYX Marine Add-On to:

  • Quickly Evaluate Designs via Calm-Water Resistance (CWR) Analysis: Using a Linearized Free-Surface (LFS) solver, HELYX Marine is able to quickly and accurately measure calm-water resistance at low Froude numbers. The benefit of the LFS solver is that can be as much as two orders of magnitude faster than a volume of fluid (VOF) solver with the same accuracy.
Figure 1: Comparison of the LFS solver results against experimental results for the KCS 2.1 hull
  • Optimize Hull-Form Shape: The LFS solver requires much less computational resources and simulation time compared to a standard volume of fluid (VOF) free-surface solver. As a result, the LFS solver can be combined with optimization to determine the best shape to minimize drag on a hull at desired speeds.
Figure 2: Baseline hull shape vs an optimized hull shape using the calm-water analysis solver in HELYX-Marine.
  • Analyze Design Behavior During Dynamic Wave Conditions: Perform seakeeping analysis by leveraging the advanced mesher in HELYX; volume of fluid (VOF) solver; dynamic 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) capability; and wave generation tools.
Figure 4: Evaluating designs under dynamic sea states

Beyond calm-water analysis, seakeeping analysis, and optimization, there are tools for modelling cavitation, propulsion, and hydroacoustic phenomena. If you’re interested in any of the topics mentioned here or in the webinar, reach out to ENGYS for a live demonstration. We are happy to discuss proof-of-concept projects to show how HELYX and HELYX Marine can replace other commercial tools.

Learn More by Watching the Webinar

The marine industry utilizes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for a variety of analysis and optimization tasks including calm-water ship resistance analysis; hull shape optimization; multiphase ship analysis with dynamic sinkage and trim; seakeeping analysis; maneuvering; hydroacoustics analysis; and more. Paolo Geremia discusses ENGYS’ efforts towards enabling the marine industry to perform complex analysis tasks with HELYX and HELYX Marine Add-On. Watch the webinar to see the following topics:

  • Calm-water Resistance
  • Live Demonstration of Calm Water Resistance Simulation in HELYX Marine
  • Seakeeping
  • Propulsion Models
  • Maneuvering
  • Cavitation
  • Hydroacoustics
  • Current Developments

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