Learn by Example: Simulation Studies with PYTHON and ELEMENTS

Webinar Recording ~ 24 minutes

Main Topic of Discussion

Process automation with PYTHON can further enhance ELEMENTS as a simulation suite and allow for complex coupling with complementary software.  ELEMENTS allows users to automatically generate PYTHON macros to drive the preprocessing, meshing, setup, simulation, and post-processing phases of CFD analysis.  Users can then extend these macro to achieve even more powerful workflows with minimal effort.

As part of our “Learn by Example” Webinar series, this session will cover advanced workflow and simulation approaches using PYTHON and ELEMENTS.  The coupling of PYTHON allows for complex DOE or even aero-mapping for complex automotive analysis. 

Watch the Webinar

Meet Your Presenter:  Dan Combest

Dan is a Sr. CFD Engineer and manager, holding a PhD from Washington University in Energy, Environmental, and Chemical Engineering. He is a Reaction Engineer by training and an expert in turbulent flows in complex geometries.  Dan has a history of supporting automotive customers through software deployment on HPC, customizing ELEMENTS aero templates, and training teams of engineers and managers to maximize the value of ENGYS products in a short period of time.  His roles at ENGYS since 2012 include application engineer, support engineer, trainer, developer, product tester, and consultant across various industry sectors including automotive, energy, marine, and more.

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