Learn by Example: HELYX-Core Compilation with CMAKE

Recorded Session ~20 minutes

Main Topic of Discussion

Maximizing performance on custom hardware configurations is extremely important for teams leveraging simulation within an engineering design process.  This means that being able to easily compile updates and custom code within organizations needs to be simple and fast.  CMAKE makes this more possible than previous build systems within HELYX-core. 


As part of our “Learn by Example” Webinar series, this session will provide a practical introduction to using CMAKE and walk through the process of compiling HELYX core.

Who Should Watch?

CFD Engineers who are interested in custom compilations of HELYX-Core.

Engineering IT Groups who are interested deploying custom builds within their organization to optimize custom hardware configurations.

Meet Your Presenter:  Tom James

Tom holds a Master’s degree in Physics from Manchester University and is fluent in C++, Python, Bash, and CMake. He works at ENGYS as a software developer, with a particular focus on DevOps and infrastructure development. Tom recently re-wrote the entire HELYX-core build system in CMake, and is currently working on refining and extending the ENGYS C++ infrastructure.

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