Introduction to Meshing with HELYX

In this webinar, we introduce the meshing capability within HELYX, exploring fundamental meshing concepts for CFD.

Creating a computational mesh is a crucial step in the CFD analysis process. A poorly constructed mesh can lead to solver instability, inadequate resolution of flow features, and inefficient use of computational resources. On the other hand, a well-designed mesh can improve solver performance, deliver more accurate results, and optimize resource utilization. As CFD engineers, maximizing the accuracy of our solutions while managing resources is paramount.


In this webinar, we will introduce the meshing capability within HELYX to those unfamiliar with ENGYS. We will explore fundamental meshing concepts to help you understand the principles behind meshing for CFD. Our goal is to empower you to choose a meshing tool that not only resolves your physics accurately but also integrates seamlessly with your CFD software, such as HELYX, to enhance your efficiency as a CFD engineer.


Join us to deepen your understanding of meshing for CFD analysis and learn how to leverage HELYX for optimal meshing solutions.

Key Highlights:

• Basics principles of meshing for CFD
• Evolution of meshing in HELYX and its relationship with snappyHexMesh
• Comparison of meshing in HELYX with snappyHexMesh, highlighting improvements in layer coverage and parallel performance
• Overview of helyxHexMesh, the mesher in HELYX, and its cut-cell mesher functionality
• Demonstration of HELYX GUI, including meshing a multi-region case to illustrate geometry import, refinement, layer addition, and multi-region setup



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