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Engineering Excellence: Legasys’ CFD Success with HELYX

At ENGYS, we are constantly inspired by the innovative ways our clients utilize our software to overcome complex engineering challenges. Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Alysson Dantas, a Process Engineer at Legasys, to discuss his experience using our CFD software, HELYX. In this interview, Alysson shares insights into his background, the role of CFD in his work, and the impact HELYX has had on Legasys’ projects.

Alysson’s Journey into CFD

Alysson’s journey into the world of CFD began during his academic years at the Federal University of Campina Grande (Brazil), where he developed a passion for simulation modeling using OpenFOAM. His Ph.D. research focused on modeling the pyrolysis of sugarcane bagasse, a project that required advanced simulation techniques and code customization.

Transition to Industry and Discovery of HELYX

Upon joining Legasys, Alysson found himself facing new challenges in the industry, where quick turnaround times are crucial. While he had extensive experience with OpenFOAM, he found its modeling process too time-consuming for industrial applications. This led him to explore alternative tools, eventually leading him to HELYX.

“One of the key advantages of HELYX is its intuitive graphical interface, which significantly reduces model development time,” says Alysson. “What would take weeks to accomplish in OpenFOAM, I can now achieve in a fraction of the time, allowing us to deliver solutions to our clients faster and more efficiently.

Benefits of HELYX: Intuitive Interface and Free Scalability

Another critical feature of HELYX that Alysson emphasizes is its free scalability, thanks to its open-source nature. “This scalability has significantly reduced project time and improved the accuracy of our predictions,” he adds. “We can run multiple simulations simultaneously, exploring a wider range of parameters and optimizing our solutions.”

Project Highlight: Study on a Steam Generation Boiler

One of Legasys’ notable projects where HELYX was utilized is the study on a steam generation boiler. The client wanted to modify the operational conditions of the process, but they were uncertain about the new thermal profile and the new pressure of the boiler operation. Through CFD simulations with HELYX, Legasys was able to simulate various operational conditions to determine the safety and effectiveness of the proposed changes, ultimately providing their client with a solution that was both safe and beneficial.

Future Collaboration and Conclusion

Looking to the future, Alysson sees continued collaboration between ENGYS and Legasys, with a focus on leveraging HELYX’s capabilities to tackle even more complex engineering problems. He envisions HELYX playing a crucial role in driving innovation and efficiency at Legasys, enabling them to deliver cutting-edge solutions to their clients.

In conclusion, Alysson’s experience with HELYX highlights the transformative impact of CFD technology on engineering practices. By combining powerful simulation tools with industry expertise, Legasys has been able to overcome challenges, optimize processes, and deliver value to their clients. As we continue to support innovative companies like Legasys, we look forward to seeing the remarkable achievements they will accomplish with HELYX by their side.

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