Webinar: HELYX and ELEMENTS v3.3.0 Release Highlights

Webinar: HELYX and ELEMENTS v3.3.0 Release Highlights

September 24, 2020 @ 10:00 AM (CST) 30 minutes


HELYX and ELEMENTS v3.3.0 is a continuation of the groundbreaking CFD software tools developed by ENGYS.  This webinar will highlight the upcoming version enhancements to usability, model availability, and performance aimed at improving user experience and simulation capability.  You will learn about some of the most recent advances in Generalized Internal Boundaries (GIB), Generalized Moving Reference Frame (GRF), runtime post-processing, the new extruded mesher, and improvements in rendering and GUI performance.  This webinar is aimed at current customers looking to upgrade to the newest versions of HELYX and ELEMENTS or those that are interested in ENGYS’ evolving technology and how it may solve their simulation challenges.   

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