Simulating Conjugate Heat Transfer Multiphysics with HELYX

Learn how to mesh, set up and solve conjugate heat transfer multiphysics problems in HELYX.

In real-world flows, we often witness the simultaneous occurrence of momentum and heat transport within and between fluid and solid regions. This webinar introduces you to meshing and simulating conjugate heat transfer problems using the implicit region-coupled solver within HELYX. 

We’ll provide a brief overview of the differences between implicit and explicit region-coupled approaches, accompanied by several customer success stories. 

By the end of the webinar, you’ll gain the skills to mesh, set up, and solve conjugate heat transfer multiphysics problems in HELYX.


Key Highlights:

• Introduction to Meshing and Simulating Conjugate Heat Transfer

• Implicit Region-Coupled Solver in HELYX

• Comparison with Partitioned Approaches

• Customer Success Stories


Who Should Watch:

This webinar is ideal for professionals and researchers in the field of energy, environmental, and chemical engineering, as well as anyone interested in conjugate heat transfer simulation using advanced tools like HELYX.



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