Incompressible Flow Simulation with HELYX

As part of our “Learn by Example” webinar series, this session provides a practical introduction to HELYX and walk through the process of setting up an incompressible flow simulation.

In industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to energy and environmental engineering, incompressible flow simulations play a critical role in optimizing designs, improving performance, and ensuring safety. These simulations help engineers analyze fluid behavior in systems where the density remains relatively constant, such as in liquid flow through pipes, air around vehicles, or water in hydraulic systems.

Overall, incompressible flow simulations with CFD are essential for engineers across industries to understand and optimize fluid behavior in a wide range of applications, leading to more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable designs. Additionally, learning to setup incompressible flow simulations often serves as a starting point for new users; a test problem for companies interested in evaluating new CFD tools; and a minimum requirement for any serious CFD tool for industry.

Watch this webinar to learn how incompressible flow simulations with HELYX can help you optimize designs, improve performance, and ensure safety in your industry.



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