Aerothermal Simulation with ELEMENTS

In this webinar, we introduce key concepts of an aerothermal simulation and users will be given a walk through of the simulation setup and execution.

Vehicles require effective thermal management to prolong the lifetime of the vehicle and also improve it’s performance under operation.  To assess this, aerodynamics simulation is often coupled with thermal models to accurately asses airflow around underbody components or through heat exchangers on a vehicle.  Ultimately, accurate aero-thermal simulation can enhance thermal management design and operation of vehicles.

As part of our “Learn by Example” Webinar series, this session will provide a practical introduction to Co-Simulation of TAITherm and ELEMENTS to perform an aero-thermal simulation. Key concepts will be introduced and users will be given a walk through of the simulation setup and execution.


Who should watch:

Aero-Thermal Teams interested in performing coupled aerothermal simulations to obtain more accurate design information to improve product performance.



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Meet your Presenter: Gustavo Almeida

B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering and a M.Eng. in Aeronautical Engineering. Gustavo has a strong background in thermal systems within aeronautical industry with focus on Aircraft Environmental Control Systems. He currently pursues his Ph.D. in Computational Fluid Dynamics applied to complex internal flows at Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica – ITA. In 2020 he joined ENGYS as part of our support and application engineering team.

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