Webinar: HELYX® 4.0.0
Release Highlights

April 19, 2023 @ 10:00 AM (CDT) - 45 minutes

Main Topic of Discussion

HELYX 4.0.0 is a continuation of the groundbreaking, general-purpose CFD software tool developed by ENGYS. This webinar will discuss the additions and enhancements introduced in this new version in terms of usability, model availability and performance aimed at improving user experience and simulation capability. You will learn about some of our most recent advances, such as the new unified solver framework for single-phase flow solutions, the new materials library, the new extended reference frames for modelling complex motions, our new and improved meshing capabilities, and many other features.

Who Should Attend?

  • Current HELYX users who wish to get an overview of the latest features and enhancements implemented in version 4.0.0.
  • CFD Engineers who need to perform CFD simulations and want to explore the many capabilities of HELYX.
  • Engineering/CAE managers who are interested in reducing license costs by using open-source simulation tools that scale-up (no parallel licenses) and scale-out (unlimited parallel jobs) to achieve more with existing resources.


Webinar: HELYX 4.0.0 Release Highlights

Apr 19, 202310:00 CDT1 hour

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Meet Your Presenter:  Lisandro Maders


BSc. Mechanical Engineer title from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, and further receiving an MsC degree in Transport Phenomena from same University

Currently, Lisandro is Head of Sales and Marketing and General Manager of ENGYS Brazilian office.

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